Delivering Exceptional Quality Since 1974

Delivering Exceptional Quality Since 1974

Health and Wellness

Benefits of Dried Fruits and Nuts for Health

Do Good. Eat Good. Feel Good.

At Compass Foods we are passionate about dried fruits and nuts and our mission is to devote our resources and knowledge to create the highest quality products enabling our customers to live healthier and happier lives. Every day we want to make a positive contribution to your health and wellbeing.

Why Dried Fruits and Nuts?

Because it feels good to eat what you love. Now, there’s no reason to give up convenience or taste for your health. Feel good about eating your favourite dried fruit and nuts with many added nutritional benefits.

Many of our products are loaded with vitamins, protein, fibre, iron and nutrients but most importantly taste!

Enjoy our selection to make a quick on the go snack or to enhance the flavour and nutrition in your cereals, salads, yogurt, trail mixes, favourite recipe or simply on their own! View our products to learn more about the various benefits.

Healthier Together

Compass Foods hopes to inspire you through the passion we put into our products and to inspire “heart” decisions, not hard decisions.

We move with bold intention with your health, heart and lifestyle in mind. We want what we source and put into our products to move you, motivate you, inspire you – EVERYDAY!

Be Inspired

Visit our recipes page to find delicious and healthy options for you and your family. We’re sure you’ll discover a favourite or two. Sign up for our newsletter to get news and updates about our latest offerings, new recipes and to see what’s new.